UCB Radio

I had the privilege of speaking about 60@60 on “This is my story” on UCB2 radio today. Thanks Ruth O’Reilly Smith!

Getting accommodation for the Pilgrims way walk is challenging at the moment.

The picture below reminds us of the need to stand up for the many who have lost their jobs and are being denied food because of their faith @opendoorsuk.org

A first blog…

This is my first attempt at blogging. My site needs loads of work on it but I’ve started. Wanted to at least start the ball rolling. I turn 60 on Wednesday and want to spend a year doing a couple of challenges as well a variety of different things-60 of them. You can even make suggestions! And most of all I want to raise £6 000 for persecuted Christians around the world by supporting the work of Open Doors, a fantastic charity. Will you help and become part of it? Here it is

– a just giving page…. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/AdrianSmith6060